Video Transcript

Speaker 1:       Simon              (0:00-0:54)

I’m Simon Macaulay and I’m the chairman of Anglo Family Group. I’ve always had a view that a business is part of its community and is integrated in the community. Something we’ve done fairly recently. The local youth club in Whitworth which was very popular. Unfortunately they’ve not got so much money as they had from central government so they had to close it down

But Anglo, with a couple of local churches, decided that actually it was something the community needed. So we’ve started another youth club. It’s only been running since April but it’s already getting forty kids a week. Absolutely fantastic.

Sarah who leads the group, organised Whitworth’s Got Talent. Here’s a shot of the stage in the civic centre up in Whitworth. Amazingly they got an incredible turnout. They got actually 175 people paid to attend.

I’ve always believed that actually we’re not just there to make profit, we’re also there because we’re part of a community.