We were fortunate enough to be featured on Hochanda TV with great success and have since been invited back to present our products on several occasions. https://www.hochanda.com/ProductsListing-Product/colourful-felt

Video Transcript

Speaker 1:       Simon              (0:00-0:14)

I’m Simon Macaulay and I’m the chairman of Anglo Family Group which incorporates our craft felt business. We made our debut on Hochanda, our designer Kate demonstrated a range of products just before Christmas.

Speaker 2:       Kate                 (0:14-0:33)

We kind of split the show into two halves, so half the show was doing felt applique stockings, I showed some sewing techniques. The other half was the rose felt wreath and you make little roses out of die cut circles and you stick them on to a wreath base.

Speaker 1:       Simon              (0:33-0:53)

I think what we’ve discovered on Hochanda, is that what craft felt customers like is a great choice of colours. They like great colours, they like new colours and so we’ll always be looking at what the trends are and then we’ll bring that into the craft felt industry.