Watch our video about our work with Neema Crafts, a charity employing people with disabilities in Tanzania below. Learn more about their work at

Video Transcript


Speaker 1:       Simon              (0:00-0:27)

I’m Simon Macaulay and I’m the chairman of Anglo Family which incorporates our craft felt business. We’ve got customers all over the place. One particular customer is a brilliant charity out in Tanzania called Neema Crafts. Ben and Katie, a young couple who run Neema Crafts; really lovely people, they employ people with disabilities in Tanzania. Historically people with disabilities have been kind of hidden away and find it very hard to find work.

Speaker 2:       Ben                  (0:27-0:45)

Neema Crafts was started in 2003 by a lady called Susie Hart. When she came to Tanzania she saw that there was a great need for employment for people with disabilities. She herself was a textile artist so she started designing products that people could produce.

Speaker 1:       Simon              (0:45-0:56)

I knew them originally through my local church because we sponsor them. When they went out there we were able to support them in terms of helping the business develop as a church so the relationship has built from there.

Speaker 2:       Ben                  (0:56-1:08)

Since then the project has grown hugely. We’ve got our own purpose built centre here and we have a café, we have a guest house and also a conference room as well.