Spooky Felt Fun for Halloween!

 by Kate Macaulay


Fed up with plastic throwaway Halloween decorations?    Fancy something a bit more tasteful to brighten up and celebrate the spookiest night of the year?   We’ve got a really simple way of using craft felt to decorate your home for a Halloween themed get together.   It involves a tiny bit of simple sewing and some glueing but nothing to get scared about.  The great news is that like your cherished Christmas decorations, you can put these away and get them out year after year. 


 Nothing says “Trick or Treaters” welcome here quite so much as a traditional carved bright orange pumpkin on the doorstep.   Originating from a Celtic tradition of a candle lit carved turnip or suede, known as a Jack-O-Lantern, the pumpkins are meant to light the way for the good spirits to enter your home and presumably scare away the not-so-good spirits.   Excited children and candles don’t go that well together but a lovely line of felt pumpkins on your mantelpiece brings the traditional Halloween colours into the heart of your home without any risk of fire.


The pumpkins require only minimal sewing and some gluing - I’ve used a glue gun but you could use a strong household adhesive instead.   I got the design from this video:  'How To Make Felt Pumpkins'.

WHAT YOU NEED:     Felt squares (size is up to you but you’ll be cutting circles out of the felt so if you want the pumpkins to be on the larger size then you’ll need larger sheets of felt) in shades of orange, cream, light brown and dark brown, you will also need a needle, thread and glue.

 We’ve put together a pack of the felt you will need here 'Halloween Pumpkin Felt Pack'.


  •  Draw around a circular object (I used a side plate) and cut out circles from the felt. 
  •  Thread the needle and sew a simple running stitch around the outside of the circle. 


  • Taking both the knotted end of the read and the end with the needle, draw up the stitches slightly to create a pumpkin shaped bowl.  
  • Fill with polyester filling.


  • Tie tightly a couple of times so that you secure the pumpkin shape.
  • Secure the ends of the thread by sewing into the felt.


  • Thread needle with some brownish thread (it doesn’t matter too much if all you’ve got is white or orange though).
  • Securing the thread to the base of the pumpkin, quite close to the knot.


  • Turn the pumpkin over and place your thumb in the middle of the top of the pumpkin.  
  • Taking the needle up from the bottom of the pumpkin up through the pumpkin centre but avoiding your thumb , pierce the the top of the pumpkin.  
  • Holding the pumpkin tight with your thumb on the top, wrap the thread around the outside of the pumpkin, ready to come up again from the bottom pulling the thread quite tight as you go. 


  • Work your way around the pumpkin and around a five pence piece size central circle (where your thumb has been).
  •  When all the pumpkin segments have been created, secure the thread by stitching into the base of the pumpkin.  


  •  Cut a piece of brown felt about 3cm by 12cm (depends on the size of your circle so use your discretion here).
  •  Using your glue gun or strong household glue, roll up the felt longways to create a little pumpkin stalk and glue on to the top of the pumpkin - trim it if you need it a bit shorter.  


  • Cut a small circle in felt the same colour as your pumpkin and glue to the base of your pumpkin. 
  • Admire your work!